Moto  “Live hard , play hard and die hard!”

“Live hard , play hard and die hard!”

 9 years as a grower of hydroponic tomatoes, eggplants, capsicums and Lebanese cucumbers
5 years as a growers’ consultant for E.E Muir & Sons P/ L
4 years as a president of the ‘ Vietnamese Growers’ Association ‘

Making sure that all growers are chemically literate
Growing a produce that is profitable and sustainable
Showing growers modern and innovative technology in the industry 
Promoting a promising future for the next generation in the fresh fruit and vegetable market

Hobbies/ Sports
Love watching all sports
Gym participation five mornings a week
Fishing and travel when possible 

879 Duncans Road
Werribee South, VIC, 3830
Work: 03 8734 3400
Mobile: 0418 899 586