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Hydroponic Farmers Federation

The Hydroponic Farmers Federation Inc. is the industry grower organisation for commercial hydroponics. Membership includes growers, industry representatives and interested parties.

The Hydroponic Farmers Federation is open to all hydroponic farmers Australia wide. Its membership of over 100 includes grower members from Victoria and interstate, as well as industry members (businesses offering support to growers), supporter members and affiliate members. The HFF grew from a small self-help group to the large association it is today through a commitment to furthering the hydroponic industry through growers supporting each other.

The primary aims of the HFF is to provide representation and advocacy for and on behalf of its members to all levels of government and other relevant organisations on issues relevant to the hydroponic industry; to promote hydroponic produce and continue to develop its market share; enhance grower performance through education, training and networking; provide members with the opportunity to share the benefits of group purchasing and marketing; and to encourage and facilitate research relevant to the hydroponic industry.

The Australian Protected Cropping Industry currently employs in the order of 10,000 people, and is the fastest growing food production sector in the country, with an expansion rate of around 6%. The reasons for this industry growth include: - faster plant growth, higher yields, improved quality and the ability to grow out of season, exclude and control pests and weeds. Furthermore, hydroponically grown crops require only a fraction of the water required by conventionally grown crops, while delivering these benefits.

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